16 June 2016

Jamboree 2016: Research Assistance Wrap-up

Guest post by Jamie Lee McManus Mayhew, PLCGS

What a wild and stimulating experience it was managing Research Assistance at Jamboree. Over an hour before we opened we had walk-ins hoping to secure a client spot with our Research Assistants. The Southern California Chapter of the Association of Professional Genealogists sponsors Research Assistance for the SCGS Jamboree and helped 92 clients over three days. Research Assistants came primarily from the Association of Professional Genealogists but included others who came in ready to help.  

We asked those who were pleased with their experience to consider donating to the Save the War of 1812 Pensions and collected $115 for that purpose. 

Many people come together to make Research Assistance a success. I want to thank Jean Wilcox Hibben, co-chair for Research Assistance, Lise Harding from SCGS, the many volunteers at Jamboree who helped keep us running and the following volunteer Research Assistants who gave generously of their time. I hope I didn’t miss any of you. 

Cari Taplin
Toni Perrone
Karen Jones
Randy Whited
Sharon Morison
Elizabeth Swanay-O’Neil
Paul Woodbury
Anette Burke Lyttle
Janice M. Sellers
Jean Wilcox Hibben
Lynn (Butch) Hibben
Jamie Lee McManus Mayhew
Bill Mayhew
Mary Kircher Roddy
Lynn Baden
Tom Jones
Paula Stewart-Warren
Lisa Medina
Barbara Algaze
Jane Neff Rollins
Cyndy Richardson
Elissa Scalise Powell
Kathy Holland
Linda Rouse
Karen Merrill Martin
Stephanie Cardin
Sue Roe
Kimberley Gomez
Molly Squire
Stephanie Wein
Paul Moore
Sheila Benedict
Kim Parker
Dallas Bordenave
Consuelo Rodriguez
Jill Breznican
Sherri Harris
Margaret Ruthridge
Janice Lovelace
Pam Vestal

Next year SCCAPG will continue to sponsor Research Assistance. If you are interested in helping as a Research Assistant or have a problem you need help with, look for information in this blog and sign-ups in April 2017.

Jamie Lee McManus Mayhew PLCGS
Past President; SCCAPG
SCGA Jamboree Research Assistance Co-Chair

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