24 April 2019

DNA Roundtables - Speak With The Pros FREE of Charge!


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Have you ever wished for time with the experts to ask 
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Jamboree World Roundtables!

May 31, 2019 From 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM 
Table # 1 - David Dowell, PhD
What DNA Test is Right for Me?

Table # 2 - Diahan Southard
I Have my DNA Results, What are the Next Steps?

Table# 3 - Angie Bush, MS
Build your Pedigree with the Help of Autosomal DNA at Ancestry.com

Table # 4 - Cheri Mello, MA
Family Tree DNA Results and Projects

Table # 5 - Kathy Johnston, MD
The X-Chromosome Can Help Sort Close Cousins

Table # 6 - Kitty Munson Cooper
Intermediate DNA Tools

Table # 7 - Robert D. Warthen
Introduction to DNAGedcom

Table # 8 - Randy Whited
Autosomal DNA Groups and Clusters

Table # 9 - Jim McAuley
Y-DNA - Emphasis on Scottish Clans and Surnames

Table # 10 - Janice Lovelace, PhD
African American Research

Table # 11 - Schelly Talalay Dardashti
Jewish Genealogy and DNA

Table # 12 - Chris Greene
Unknown and Misattributed Parentage 

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JamboFREE DNA Roundtables is a unique opportunity to talk to an expert and learn from fellow attendees. Twelve current topics in DNA; twelve tables with a table host and 9 participants; ask questions, seek answers and discuss. 

Southern California Genealogical Society 
50th Annual Southern California Genealogy Jamboree 
#SCGS2019@scgsgenealogy, #SCGSJamboree50, 
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22 April 2019

Mondays' Meet The Speakers - Jamboree 2019

Paul Woodbury 
Legacy Tree Genealogists 

Paul Woodbury is a graduate of BYU where he studied genetics and genealogy. He also has a master’s degree in instructional design and educational technology from the University of Utah. Woodbury currently works at Legacy Tree Genealogists. He specializes in genetic genealogy, but also loves French, Spanish, Italian and Scandinavian genealogy. He researches and presents regularly in these fields and loves to share his knowledge with his students and clients.


Glenn Yamada 

Glenn and his wife are a biracial couple married for 53 years. Family internment in a Japanese camp during World War II, affected Glenn's life and those of his family and their descendants. 


Cyndi Ingle 

Cyndi Ingle, a genealogist for more than 39 years, is the creator and innovator behind the award-winning and globally recognized CyndisList.com. Cyndi is an expert in using technology for genealogy, research in the United States and bringing together traditional methodology with organization, computers, software, and the Internet. She is an internationally-known guest lecturer, and she has authored numerous articles and three books.


Southern California Genealogical Society 
50th Annual Southern California Genealogy Jamboree 
#SCGS2019@scgsgenealogy, #SCGSJamboree50, 
#SCGSJamboree2019, #SCGSJamboreeBirthdayBash