31 May 2016

Jamboree 2016: Mastering the Art of Being in 2 Places at Once

What do you do when faced with the overwhelming possibility that at any one given hour at Jamboree, there is not just one, but rather two or more sessions and speakers you want to hear?

How do you decide? 

The answer is really quite simple: Conference Resources will be on hand at Jamboree providing audio and video recording of many of the Jamboree sessions.

Take advantage of the wealth of opportunity! When planning your schedule, look at the Pink Sheets to find if the sessions you want are going to be audio or video recorded. The info will be in the lower right side of the session box.

You can actually pre-order and save 10% before the conference. That way, the recordings will be ready for pick up at Jamboree or shipped to your home after the conference.

Here's the link:

These recorded sessions will not be available in the SCGS webinar archive. 

**Live Streamed sessions are not available for purchase from Conference Resource. For more information, visit the Live Streaming page of the Jamboree website.

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