30 May 2016

Jamboree 2016: Don't Forget - Live Streaming of Jamboree Sessions is FREE

Image Courtesy of Paula Hinkel and istockphoto

Spread the word far and wide!

Live Streaming of select Jamboree sessions this week is FREE, thanks to Jamboree 2016 Diamond Sponsor Ancestry.com.


We do recommend you register for this soon. You will need your login and password information to access either the live streamed sessions or to watch at your convenience after. 

How can you pass up over 14 hours of free genealogical education? You just can't!

Read all about this outstanding opportunity here.

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Know anyone in Wyoming or South Dakota?  Please encourage them to sign up! We are only 2 states away from having the map of the 50 States and DC completely covered!  

We also have a pretty impressive world map filling out. Here's a sampling of the countries represented by all who have signed up so far:

Canada - Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Nova Scotia & Quebec
New Zealand
South Africa
United Kingdom
United States

Remember, you can sign up for streaming at any time until July 5, 2016. 
Live streaming sessions will occur Friday - Sunday, June 3-5, 2016, and the video will be available for viewing shortly after.


Unknown said...

How do we get to the replay of the Live Streamed sessions?

Lise Harding said...

Hello! When you sign into the streaming video website with your login credentials, follow the instructions in the text box above the video window. Click "Watch Again" and then use the "<" and ">" arrows to the left and right of the video box. These toggle you through to scroll to the video you want to watch. Press the middle arrow to play and enjoy!