31 May 2015

Jamboree 2015 - Unraveling the Spaghetti #3 - Mobile App

This is the final in three posts about the many tools available to enrich your knowledge of genealogy and to have the best experience at Jamboree at at the Genetic Genealogy: DNA Day this coming week.

Jamboree App.  The Jamboree mobile app can be used on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers to manage information about the conference.

The app is not related to live streaming, 
and you can't view the live streaming 
through the Jamboree app. 
We hope you will download it and use it at Jamboree
to keep yourself organized and informed.

You can:
  • download it for free from the App Store (iOS) or from Google Play (Android)
  • "meet" the speakers, read their bios and see which sessions they are teaching and at what time.
  • download many syllabus articles and review them before the class.
  • take notes during classes and leave feedback for the speaker
  • plan your attack of the exhibit hall and contact vendors after Jamboree
  • review the class sessions and chose the classes that best fit your level of experience and interests.
  • create your own schedule and have the weekend's plan at your fingertips.
  • stay in touch with friends, with Twitter, with the Jamboree blog, and other social media.
  • upload photos.
  • coordinate schedules with your friends.
The app is available for Apple (iOS) products and Android devices, as well as Blackberry Windows and other operating systems. You can use the app on your desktop here.

Download the app for iPhones, iPads and other iOS products
Download the app for Android devices 
Download the app to use on Windows laptops or desktop computers.


    SteveT said...

    Is there a way to use this app on a Windows laptop?

    Paula from SCGS said...

    Hi Steve. Absolutely yes. Go to http://app.core-apps.com/scgs2015

    What you see is the live version of the app. You can take advantage of all of the benefits of the app right on your laptop.

    SteveT said...

    Thanks Paula!