01 June 2015

Jamboree 2015 Brings the Global Family Reunion to Burbank!

We've hinted that we have a few more tricks up our sleeve when it comes to Jamboree fun, and it's time for that announcement. It's time for FUN!

On Saturday, Jamboree will become an official branch of the World's Largest Family Reunion. Have you heard about the Global Family Reunion?  The event in New York trying to earn designation as the World Record Family Reunion? No? Take a minute and read about it here on the GFR website.


On Saturday 12:50 p.m., join us in the Main Foyer of the Convention Center as we sing "We Are Family" along with Sister Sledge, who will perform live in New York.  We'll have a chance to wave to our East Coast cousins, where photos and videos from Jamboree will be shown. Feel free to bring your "Hello Cousins!" sign and hold it high. Most important, be in the stage area of the Main Foyer by 12:50 p.m. so you can be in the official Family Group Photo.


In order to help the Global Family Reunion win that World Record, we need to have at least 10 Jamboree attendees linked to the "Big Tree."

Please fill out the form on the GFR website to find out if you are a member. Be sure to indicate that you are a Jamboree guest. The Cousin Coordinators will be hard at work after Saturday to make the connections, so don't worry if you haven't found your leaf on the family tree before the weekend.


Our plan is to stream some of the activities from the GFR in the Convention Center lobby. You'll recognize many of the names from their appearances at Jamboree:  Bennett Greenspan of Family Tree DNA; Josh Taylor of findmypast and President of FGS; Randy Whited; Maureen Taylor, the Photo Detective; David Rencher of FamilySearch; Spencer Wells of the National Geographic Genographic Project; Tammy Hepps; and Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

CeCe Moore, who will be featured at DNA Day on Thursday, will be speaking at the GFR. And get this: Two Jamboree speakers, Ron Arons and Pamela Weisberger, will both be speaking at Jamboree on Friday, taking the red eye to New York Friday night and returning to Burbank on Saturday night, in time to speak again at Jamboree on Sunday!

Twitter friends, follow all the news on #GlobalFamilyReunion.

:::humming "We Are Family! I've got all my sisters with me! We Are Family! Get up everybody and SING!"":::

Lyrics are here.

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