01 January 2021

What Does the New Year Mean? It's Jamboree Time!

We are all happy to be heading into this New Year! 

The plights of 2020 have forever altered our perceptions of what normal is and how we go about living our lives! Thankfully, the New Year for all of us at SCGS Jamboree is a great time of excitement and joy because it's represents

Jamboree's 51st  


Genetic Genealogy's 8th Conferences!

We have been working for months to bring you unique topics from our speakers in a new virtual format!

So please keep your eyes peeled. We are about you bring you this year's fresh new offerings for Jamboree 2021!

Stay tuned! 

Registration opens on January 11th!

But, until then, please enjoy the new offerings on our website!

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Southern California Genealogical Society 
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