23 April 2018

Mondays' Meet The Speakers – Jamboree 2018

David McDonald, DMin, CG℠

Alcorn, Smith & Nason

National lecturer and course coordinator for various institutes including SLIG, GRIP and ISBGFH. Instructor at IGHR. Past president & former trustee, BCG & NGS. State society officer and newsletter editor.


Angie Bush, MS

Angie Bush, MS is the Region 1 Director for the National Genealogical Society, and a full-time senior genealogist researcher with AncestryProGenealogists in Salt Lake City. Angie has been interested in her genealogy since she was very young. Although she spends much of her time working on recent unknown parentage cases, her favorite type of research involves breaking through decades-old “brick walls” using a combination of traditional records and genetic evidence.


Deanna Bufo Novak, JD, LLM

kidsHeritage, Inc.

Deanna is the mother of two Italian-Polish-American children, an attorney, the author of four award-winning personalized children’s books based on heritage and world culture, and the founder of their publisher. Heritage is something she always felt passionate about, but never more so than after the birth of her daughter. From this inspiration came her first personalized book, My Heritage Book.


Duff Wilson

Duff Wilson has worked with Family Tree Maker since 2004. He has twenty five years of software design and development experience and has earned national awards for his work. He holds a Master’s degree from Utah State University in instructional technology with an emphasis in computer-based instruction. Duff is an avid genealogist, and works closely with countless genealogists, ranging from novice to expert.


Southern California Genealogical Society
49th Annual Southern California Genealogy Jamboree
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