10 June 2016

Jamboree 2016 - So Many to Thank for a Great Conference!

The Jamboree Committee would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to both the Genetic Genealogy and Jamboree 2016 conferences.

Attendees, those at the Marriott and those viewing the live streaming. You are what makes the conference both exceptional and memorable. Without you, there wouldn't be a Jamboree. Whether you came from near or far, were with us in person or via the wonders of technology, Thank You!

Speakers, for generously sharing your knowledge, research experiences, sense of humor, and time. Speakers, Thank You! 

Exhibitors, for showcasing the products and services that make research so rewarding, for preserving records and making them accessible online, and for the books that we just can't give up even in the digital age. For the societies that give us opportunities to learn, share and meet others who share our passion for family history. Exhibitors, Thank You!

Sponsors for their generous support of Jamboree. We are very grateful for the support of all of our sponsors: FamilySearch International, Family Tree Maker by Software MacKiev, Moorshead Magazine, Family Tree Magazine, FamilyTree DNA, Salt Lake Plaza Hotel, Legacy Books, Legacy Tree Genealogists, RootsMagic, Crystal Inn Hotel and Suites, and Family ChartMasters. Special thank-yous go to our Diamond Sponsor, Ancestry, who underwrote the cost of the live streaming that has been shared by over 2600 viewers around the world, and emerald sponsor MyHeritage who generously sponsored the Jamboree App. Sponsors, Thank You!

Marriott staff who welcomed Jamboree for the 11th year in a row, and worked diligently to ensure that the needs of conference attendees, speakers, exhibitors, and staff were met, Thank You!

Finally, Thank you, Jamboree Volunteers. It takes hundreds and hundreds of hours of volunteer time to produce Jamboree each year. Some volunteers work year-round to plan the events, work with the speakers, line up the exhibitors and sponsors, coordinate with the Marriott, and send out the many, many blog posts, emails, and announcements to let everyone know about Jamboree. Some work an hour or two to distribute and collect speaker evaluations. Whether the contribution is 1 hour or 1000, every hour of volunteer time helps to make Jamboree the wonderful event it is. VOLUNTEERS, THANK YOU!

The 2016 Jamboree Commitee

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