26 May 2016

Jamboree 2016 - Parking Information

Parking at the Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport

Enter the Marriott parking lot from Thornton Avenue.  

There is a Bank of America lot located just to the north of the Marriott that is closed to our use on Thursday and Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, however, those spots are open.

We have negotiated a discounted rate of $14 per day for parking in the Marriott lot for the duration of the conference. Valet parking is available at $26 per day.

There is a 10-minute drop-off time, so if a driver is dropping off someone at the Marriott and then leaving, they will not need to pay for parking within the first 10 minutes.

Additionally, overnight guests of the Marriott enjoy in-and-out privileges, and parking charges can be added to your hotel bill for your convenience. The Marriott registration desk will code your room keycard to use to go in and out of the parking lot.

Daily parkers not staying overnight do not have in-and-out privileges. Commuters can pay the attendant for parking at the kiosk inside the convention center. Attendant hours will be posted at Jamboree.

Handicapped parking is available north of the Convention Center.
In the event the Marriott lot becomes full, parking will be available in Airport Economy Lot C directly across from the Marriott lot. The Jamboree rate for parking at Lot C is $13.00 per day. 

If both the Marriott and Lot C fill up, Airport Parking Lot A on the west side of Hollywood Way 1/5 mile north of Thornton Avenue will also be available for $10 per day. Finally, Lot D (Star Park) directly across Hollywood Way from the Marriott will be available for public use. The price for parking at Lot D can go up to $23 for the day.

For those taking the train - the Amtrak station is within walking distance to the Marriott, and is located on Empire Street south of the Airport. The Marriott does have a shuttle that is available, but it does not make regular runs. You will need to call Guest Services – 818 843-6000 extension 6615 to arrange for a pick up.

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