11 April 2016

Jamboree 2016: Thursday Workshop - What Next? Workshop for Developing Step‐by‐Step Research Plans

Guest post by Paula Stuart‐Warren, CG®, FMGS, FUGA 

Setting up a research plan is not something to be done late at night when your mind has already decided it needs sleep! Yet, it’s easier than you think. Where do you go next with those documents, letters, wills, deeds, obituaries, family stories, and other items you have found or that were sent by your aunt? Often we make this seem a more daunting task than it needs to be. During this session we will work on some specific projects and compile that step-by-step research plan. Students always leave with the comment that “making a research plan is easier than I thought!”

Then we will do exercises to familiarize ourselves with the research planning and make a plan of attack to get from the basic information to documented family history. The research plan serves as an itemized list of “what to do next” steps that evolve from “what you have found already.” It covers the results of your analysis, defines those step-by-step research tasks, where to accomplish each, and needs to be flexible depending on what you do or do not find. The analysis of known information, the recognition of gaps in family details, and the creation of research goals form the basis for excellence in the family history quest. There is a secret teaching component to this workshop that is only shared with the registrants. 

Registrants will break into small groups to work on one of the session projects. Each group will have the same document, analyze it, draft a short research plan, and appoint a secretary to report their suggestions to the entire audience. The variety of research steps that evolve demonstrate the value of assisting each other with our tough or brick wall research problems.

Thursday, June 2 2016  2:15 p.m. - 4:15 p.m.
TH‐E   What Next? Workshop for Developing Step‐by‐Step Research Plans  by Paula Stuart‐Warren, CG®, FMGS, FUGA 

This is part of a series of special workshops which are open to registered attendees of Genetic Genealogy or to those registered to at least one day at Jamboree 2016. Additional registration is required.

Participants are encouraged to bring laptops to the workshop.  Limited to 40 participants

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