27 April 2016

Jamboree 2016: Calling All Volunteers - We Need YOU!

Passionate about family history and want to take part in an amazing opportunity? 

Join the Jamboree Volunteers and inspire others with your enthusiasm for all things genealogy!

The Genetic Genealogy 2016 and the 47th Annual Southern California Genealogy Jamboree are just around the corner... and we need your help.

We have over 400 volunteer time slots totalling over 1500 hours to fill over the course of four days. 

Sounds like a lot, right? Well, when you add up the time required to stuff the registration bags, process registration, monitor the sessions, break down the boxes, set up the tables and signs, collect the meal tickets, provide tech zone and research assistance, and do the dozens of little jobs that add up to a huge effort and a successful conference.

But here's a not-so-secret secret - it's FUN!

Really! Where else but at a genealogy conference can you find like-minded people who love all things genealogy and education? From first-time attendees who jump right in with long-time members of the SCGS and Jamboree family to local residents and those who come from hundreds of miles away, every volunteer plays a crucial role in the success of Jamboree.

No matter how long you've been doing genealogy, no matter where you live, no matter whether you're a member of SCGS or not - We need you!

As in the past two years, we've streamlined the volunteer process to make it easy for you to sign up for what you would most like to do.  Get started by reviewing the session schedule and note the session numbers of the classes you want to monitor.  Then sign up for your slot.  The earlier you sign up, the more likely you are to get the time and task you want.

The Rules
We have only a couple of rules:
  1. Room monitors for any session must be registered for Jamboree. Room monitors for Genetic Genealogy sessions on Thursday must be paid attendees of the Genetic Genealogy Conference. Workshop room monitors are selected from paid attendees only.
  2. We are counting on your help. If you sign up for a session, please follow through. You can always change your mind and ~un-sign-up~ for that slot ahead of time so someone else can fill the position.

Research Assistance

Calling all genealogists! The sign up for research assistance volunteer consultants is now open. 

Click here to sign up.

NOTE: you do not need to be certified, accredited, be a member of APG, or any other specific organization to assist people - just a desire to help is all that is required.

The list for those requesting assistance will be open soon. Check the Jamboree blog for updates.

Top 10 Reasons to Volunteer at Jamboree
  1. You have a guaranteed seat for your favorite speaker sessions. Room Monitors get first pick at a chair (all other seating is first come, first served)
  2. You get to meet a lot of people who share your interest - you might even make a cousin connection!
  3. Whether you live in Burbank or are visiting from another time zone, your time and talent makes Jamboree better for everyone
  4. Get a behind-the-scenes look at one of the largest genealogical conferences in North America
  5. You can volunteer for as much or as little time as you want - even for just an hour
  6. If you volunteer for at least four hours, we'll help buy your lunch with a $5 coupon to the Marriott Concession on the lawn (Friday-Sunday)
  7. Jamboree volunteers are welcome on the exhibit floor without paying a registration fee.
  8. When you make a deposit in the volunteer karma bank, you'll feel good!
  9. Volunteers get a special RIBBON for their name badge (yes, it really is all about the ribbons)
  10. You'll have the FUN of joining with others who share your interest - this is your tribe!

To find out more about the available positions, visit the Jamboree website or contact Lise Harding, Jamboree Volunteer Coordinator, at jamboreevolunteer@scgsgenealogy.com.

On behalf of the SCGS Board of Directors & the Jamboree Committee, Thank You!

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