08 June 2015

Jamboree 2015 - There Aren't Enough Thank-Yous in the World...

There aren't enough languages in the world to thank everyone for another wonderful Jamboree. But, let's give it a shot, shall we?

First, the attendees -- at the Marriott and at home, viewing the live streaming. Without you, we wouldn't have a Jamboree. There would be no one to laugh with, and share ideas with, and teach, and learn from. The rooms would be empty, the food line would be short, there would be no waiting in the ladies room, and there would be way too many empty spots in the parking lot. Whether you came from Southern California, Northern California, from the Mountain, Central, Eastern or some other time zone, whether you were with us in person or via the wonders of technology, ATTENDEES, THANK YOU!

Thank you speakers. For sharing your knowledge, your wit, your experiences, your wins and losses, so we can follow your path or avoid it, whichever the case may be. SPEAKERS, THANK YOU!

Thank you exhibitors. For creating the products, and preserving the records and making them available to us online, for the books that we'll never give up, no matter how many gadgets we have. For the societies that give us opportunities to socialize, to learn, to share and meet others who share our passion for family history. EXHIBITORS, THANK YOU!

Thank you sponsors.  We are very grateful for the support of all of our sponsors: FamilySearch, Salt Lake Plaza Hotel, American Ancestors by NEHGS, Ancestor Seekers, Crystal Inn Hotel and Suites, Family ChartMasters, Family Tree Magazine, Moorshead Magazine, National Institute for Genealogical Studies, and RootsMagic. A very special thank-you goes to our Diamond Sponsor, Ancestry, who underwrote the cost of the mobile app and the live streaming that was shared by over 2200 viewers around the world. They also provided free document and photo scanning and donated a number of door prizes. SPONSORS, THANK YOU!!

Thank you, Marriott staff.  The Marriott has been our venue for 10 years now, and coming to the conference is a bit like coming home. When you get "welcome home" hugs from everyone from bellmen to senior management, you know you've selected the right site for your annual event.  MARRIOTT, THANK YOU!

Finally, Thank you volunteers.  As you know, it takes hundreds and hundreds of hours of volunteer time to produce Jamboree each year. Some of the volunteers work year-round to plan the events, work with the speakers, line up the exhibitors, coordinate with the Marriott, and send out bajillions of emails and announcements to let everyone know about Jamboree. Some work an hour or two to distribute and collect speaker evaluations. Whether the contribution is 1 hour or 1000, every hour of volunteer time helps to make Jamboree the wonderful event it is.


Jamboree Committee

Row 1
Alice Fairhurst, Raffle
Dorothy des Lauriers, Book Nook and Roommates
Louise Calaway, Registrar
Dave Burde, Co-Chair, Admin.

Row 2
Vicki Hilb, Co-Chair Emeritus - Program
Jean Wilcox Hibben, Research Assistance
Lise Harding, Volunteers, Social Media, Mailings
Suzy Goulet, Tours, French-Canadian

Row 3
Lynne Parmenter, Printing, Hotel Manager
Leo Myers, Co-Chair Emeritus - Exhibits
Jay Holladay - Tech Zone
Paula Hinkel - Publicity, Co-Chair Emeritus - Consultant

Row 4
Jean Taeuffer - Photos, Documentation
Peggy Schulz - Registration
Judi Ramsey - Co-Chair, Program
Priscilla Pruitt - Co-Chair, Exhibits

Row 5
Stanley Viltz, Publicity
Diane Adamson, App and Surveys
Sheila Benedict, Genealogy World
Catherine Luijt, SCGS Table

Carma-Lu Thompson, Freebie Table
Maryann Stubblefield, Syllabus Editor


Jacqi Stevens said...

Again, a job well done! And indeed a homecoming for many. I gladly add my thanks to all for continuing to put on such an excellent program and experience!

Karen said...

And Thank You, SCGS for providing a high quality, fantastic, educational experience for all of us. You make us feel special.