31 May 2015

Jamboree 2015 - Unraveling the Spaghetti #1: Live Streaming

Oh dear. It seems we have confused some people about the streaming video / mobile app / SCGS website, and we want to take a few minutes to help sort things out. Let's see if we can unravel the spaghetti.

There will be three posts in this series: Streaming Video, Mobile App, and Jamboree Website. This post addresses the Streaming Video.

If you're good with the streaming,
and you don't have any questions about
how it will work, you can stop reading and
go back to watching videos of frolicking cats.

You do not need to be a member of SCGS, nor do you need your SCGS membership number, to view any of the streaming videos. The streaming videos will not be shown on the SCGS website. The app is not involved in the live streaming.

The Jamboree streaming video is FREE and available to the public, but viewers need to register. We encourage you to register in advance so there is no delay when you want to view the sessions.
  • Sign up for the FREE Jamboree streaming video here.
  • Your registration includes access to ALL of the sessions listed in the broadcast schedule. You do not have to register for individual sessions. 
  • All sessions will be shown at their scheduled times in the video window on this page. You will be able to see the schedule once you register. Scroll down past the viewing window and the chat room to view the schedule.
  • On any date between Friday, June 5 and Sunday, July 5, go to the streamed video page here.
  • Handouts will be available for download once you register.
  • Since streaming video is open to the public, there are no concerns about copyright provisions. We hope you will host viewing parties and share the live-streaming with your FANs - Friends, Acquaintances and Neighbors. 
  • Live-streamed sessions will not be available for purchase on CD or DVD.
  • Please share the streaming video offer with others.

The DNA streaming video is available only on a pay-per-view basis. DNA sessions will not be included in the free streaming at Jamboree.
  • Pay-per-view DNA live-streamed sessions will be held on Thursday, June 5.
  • Sign up for the DNA streaming video here
  • The cost is either $20 per session, or $99 for all six sessions. 
  • You can pay by credit card or PayPal.
  • You will receive an email with your user name and password.
  • If you lose that email, go to this page and click on "Contact Support."
  • The complete schedule is available here.
  • Handouts will be available to download once you register for your session(s).
  •  Live-streamed sessions will not be available for purchase on CD or DVD.
  • Concurrent log-ins are not allowed; if someone else uses your log-in credentials you will be logged out automatically.
  • On any date between Thursday, June 4 and Sunday, July 5, view the streamed sessions here.  Each session has its own viewing page which can be accessed by clicking the appropriate "watch" link below on that page.
  • Your log-in will be good for 10 views per session. 
  • Access to the live streaming sessions is provided for use by individuals only. Sharing the content with others is not permitted and conflicts with copyright provisions.

If you want to register for *both* DNA and Jamboree sessions, it may get a bit clunky. Thank you for understanding and working with us. There are three ways to register for both DNA and Jamboree live-stream websites:
  • The least complicated is to register *first* for the free Jamboree sessions, and *then* register for the pay-per-view DNA sessions. Those who first register for Jamboree can register for DNA day in the normal manner through the PayPal portal. It will be uncomplicated and unclunky if you register for free Jamboree first. 
  • If you have two different email accounts, use one for pay-per-view and a different one for free streaming. Just remember to sign in using the correct email address.
  • If you already registered for DNA Day and want to sign up for Jamboree too, that's where it gets a little tricky. To make it easy for you, if you are registering for both, click "Contact Support" and request to have our administrator set up the second account. You will use the same log-in and password for both free and pay-per-view.
The fastest way to get help is to post a note in the chat room, and the next best way is to click on "Troubleshooting" and see if you can find the solution. If not, feel free to email for assistance  ghall@webcastandbeyond.com. 

Although we love our social media connections, we suggest that you not post your concerns and comments on Twitter or on the Jamboree Facebook page. With all that goes on during Jamboree, it may be a while before someone responds.

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