04 June 2014

Jamboree - Parking

There's just no denying it. Parking is always challenging at the Marriott. The better we all follow the suggestions and rules, the less painful  it will be for all  of us.

Enter from Hollywood Way if you want to check in and drop off your luggage, if you want to use valet parking, or if you're dropping someone off at the lobby. You can make a U-turn and go back out the driveway without having to pay.

Enter on Thornton Avenue to park in the Marriott parking lot. Exit on Thornton Avenue.

Parking is $11 per day. Marriott guests should have the parking added to your room bill. You will use your room key card to speed through the parking gate.

The Bank of America parking lot may not be used by our guests during business hours on Thursday or Friday.

Placard parking is available throughout the Marriott lot. Several additional spaces will be added for Jamboree. Look for them in the rows immediately to the east of the pavilions. 


When the Marriott's parking lot is full, the hotel will station an attendant at the entrance gate that will let you know that no more spots are available.

Marriott Overnight Guests

If the Marriott lot is full, a priority system will be put into effect. Priority will be given to overnight guests of the hotel.

Enter the hotel from the Hollywood Way entrance.
Pull into the hotel circular driveway
Tell the valet that you are staying at the hotel, or show your room key.
The valet will park your car and you will not be charged the valet parking rate. You’ll be charged the standard Jamboree discounted rate of $11 per day.

Daily Commuters

If the Marriott lot is full, commuters will be directed to the overflow parking area which is located on Burbank Airport grounds. The Marriott shuttle will pick you up and drop you off at your car. The shuttle runs every 15 minutes or so. Security will be stationed in the overflow lot from 8pm to 8am.
Shade and seating will be provided in the overflow lot.

The overflow parking lot is shown on the photo below. Driving directions:

Pull out of the Marriott and turn left onto Thornton Drive.
At the light at Hollywood Way, turn right.
The parking area is about a mile north on Hollywood Way.
It is on the left hand side of the street.
You will be turning before you reach Tulare Avenue. If you reach Tulare, make a U-turn and drive back the way you came.

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Gayle Ficarra Wolcott said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your timely info on the cost of valet parking for attendees staying at the Marriott during Jamboree. I normally arrive very, very early just to get a parking space for the weekend. After reading "Overflow Parking Plan Marriott Overnight Guests." I printed out the page and showed it to the valet parking my car, he didn't know anything about it so he showed the printout to his supervisor. They honored the standard Jamboree discounted rate of $11 per day instead of the daily rate of $26. Thank you SCGS, you rock!!