04 June 2014

Jamboree - Registration


Locate the registration check-in area. First find the line for your letter of the alphabet. When you reach the front of the line, give the volunteer your last name.

Please note that if you ordered a ticket for a guest, your guest's ticket will be filed under *their* last name, not yours.

Ticket Envelope.  The volunteer will hand you the ticket envelope. Printed on the envelope will be all of the things you have registered for, including special events. Double check to make sure everything is listed, and then verify that the envelope has everything that should be inside:
1. Name tag
3. Print syllabus claim ticket (if ordered in advance)
3. Raffle ticket for door prize drawing
4. Optional tickets for Special Events you have purchased
5. Optional ticket for printed syllabus if you ordered it.
6. Badge ribbon (optional)

Registration Bag.  You will be handed a FABULOUS registration bag compliments of RootsMagic (Thank you!) in which you should find:

The Searcher Summer 2014 (SCGS quarterly journal)
Name badge holder and lanyard (provided compliments of FamilySearch. Thank you!)
CD Syllabus (Jamboree, JamboFREE and DNA syllabi)
Evaluation form
Printed Materials from SCGS as well as our partners

Pick up your copy of the Pink Sheet. The Pink Sheet is the most important document for making your way through the weekend. It's legal-sized and printed on pink paper. The Pink Sheet gives you daily lecture schedules, maps of the facility, and notes about the many other activities at Jamboree.

Printed Syllabus.  The last stop in the registration process is to claim a print copy of the syllabus. If you pre-ordered a printed copy of the syllabus and have a Printed Syllabus Claim Ticket in your envelope, pick up the syllabus at registration. A limited number of copies of printed syllabus will be available for purchase.

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