10 September 2017

Thank You! 2018 Jamboree Speakers

Jamboree 2018

How can we thank you, speakers?
Let us count the ways!

You broke the record for the most submissions ever!  This will make the 2018 SCGS Jamboree, Genetic Genealogy Conference, Family History Writer’s Conference, Jamboree Extension Series (JES) Webinar and JamboFree our best event yet!

Your submissions were truly more diverse than ever before, promising a higher level of learning across every area of Jamboree’s conferences for 2018!

We thank you for your hard work creating these presentations. We will now take this impressive array of submissions and evaluate them carefully to decide what will make Jamboree 2018 the best conference for all attendees!

We Thank You!
 SCGS Jamboree Committee

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