11 April 2017

Want a Printed Syllabus? Order Now & Pick Up at Jamboree!

Jamboree is offering the printed syllabus for purchase for $30, and the Genetic Genealogy syllabus for $20 through May 20, 2017. 

If you prefer to have all your preferred session information physically in hand to write notes on and refer to throughout the conference, the printed syllabus is the way to go. 

Limited supplies will be available for sale at Jamboree, so don't take a chance and miss out - order today to make sure you have your copy at the conference!


All registered attendees will receive a USB flash drive that contains digital copies of the Jamboree, Genetic Genealogy.

Extra copies of the flash drive can also be ordered online.

Many syllabus articles will be made available for download on the Jamboree app (to be announced soon - stay tuned).

Don't miss out - Order your copy TODAY!

*Note: All materials in the syllabi, whether printed, on the flash drive, or on the app, are the copyrighted intellectual property of the individual presenter. Any copying, recording, or photography of the material is expressly prohibited without the written permission of both the presenter and the Southern California Genealogical Society.

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