22 March 2017

Want to Win Registration to Jamboree? Then Badge Up and Enter the Contest Today!

Enter the Jamboree 2017 Blogger Badge contest today!

You could win a FREE registration to Jamboree 2017!

Contest Ends April 5, 2017

All you need to do is download the Jamboree Blogger button and post it on your blog, website, page, or social media platform of choice and link it back to the Jamboree website, www.genealogyjamboree.com. 

Drop us a note at socialmedia@scgsgenealogy.com and let us know where you’ve posted the badge. We’ll add your name to the list of Honorary Bloggers and you could WIN! 

Speakers, sponsors and exhibitors, you can participate too! Get your badges below and tell all your genealogy fans who travel far and wide to see and hear you know that you will be at Jamboree in June! You could even use it as a contest prize for your viewers and spread the Jamboree love!

2017 Jamboree Honorary Blog Roll

Alice Fairhurst (Facebook Page)

Ancestral Discoveries - Janice Sellers

Christine Woodcock @genealogytours

Denise Digs Roots - Denise Richmond

Empty Branches on the Family Tree - Linda Stufflebean

Fickett Street Genealogy - Kristine Wulf

Gates to the Past - Kathy Holland

Genealogy Lady - Deborah Sweeney

GeneaSpy - J. Paul Hawthorne

Lara's Jewnealogy - Lara Diamond

Searching For My Roots -  Daniel Horowitz

Shirley Vivion (Facebook page)

The Educated Genealogist - Sheri Fenley

The Genetic Genealogist - Blaine T. Bettinger, Ph.D., JD


Southern California Genealogical Society
48th Annual Southern California Genealogy Jamboree
Genetic Genealogy 2017

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