03 February 2017

Jamboree Registration Navigation Tips

This is a new registration system. We know that change is often scary, and that you might have questions. Through rigorous testing, we came up with a list of the most likely questions or scenarios that might occur. You can find more complete information on the Registration FAQ page on the Jamboree website. 

Tip: Testers found that having a copy either on another printed version of the FAQ nearby helpful while registering.

Question:  Why did SCGS and Jamboree change the registration system?

Answer: SCGS wanted to improve the Jamboree registration system in two ways. First, to allow registrants control of their own registration allowing them to return to their registration account and change or add events, or update contact information, as they desired. Secondly, we wanted to take advantage of third-party credit card processing. That means, whether you use PayPal or enter your credit card directly into the Jamboree online registration system, your credit card information is handled by a secure process in line with the best industry standards.

Question: Do you get a discount as an SCGS member?

Answer: YES! Special pricing for 2017 offers a discount to those who register for both Jamboree and the Genetic Genealogy Conference, as well as discounts for SCGS members for each event. 

Question: Can I buy a membership when I register?

Answer: No + Yes. No, not from within the online registration program. Yes - if you open another window, go to https://new.scgsgenealogy.com/ and buy/renew your membership. When you return to the Jamboree registration program, you will then be recognized as a member.

Question: Where are the prices?

Answer: When you click on Register Now and begin the registration process, you will see all the prices listed. If you want to see prices prior to starting online registration, we do have a mail-in form that lists all the prices. Click Register by Mail-In & Phone and you will have a downloadable pdf you can reference when making your selections.

Question: What happens if I realize I made a mistake and registered for the wrong things?

Answer: Once you have completed your registration, you will receive a confirmation email. You can either use the link on your confirmation email or you use the link to register on the Jamboree website and revise your registration.

Question: I just registered and forgot to sign up for a banquet? Can I add this on?

Answer: Yes! Log in using the link sent via the confirmation email or on the Jamboree website. You will see a screen listing the Registrant/Type/Edit. Under Edit there is a link for Conference Choices. Click that and add what you forgot. IMPORTANT: you must click Finish at the end of the transaction. If you do not, nothing will be captured.

Question: HELP! Is there someone I can talk to that can help me?

Answer: Yes. Please call the SCGS Library during business hours (click here for hours). Please tell the librarian on duty that you need help with registration and give your contact information. A member of the Jamboree Registration Team will be in touch.

For more information and specific details on registration questions, please view the REGISTRATION FAQ page on the Jamboree website. To print it out, click here.

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