21 February 2017

Jamboree 2017 Speaker Spotlight: David R. Dowell, Ph.D.

David Dowell, Ph.D., was a librarian for 35 years and has two degrees in history and two in library science. He has researched family histories since the 1960's. His most recent books are NextGen Genealogy: The DNA Connection (2015) and Crash Course in Genealogy (2011). Previously he taught “Genealogy Research” and “Ethics in the Information Age” at Cuesta College and chaired the Genealogy Committee of the ALA. He blogs as “Dr. D Digs Up Ancestors” at http://blog.ddowell.com/.com and coordinates three DNA projects.

TH012 Family History Plus Health History Leads to Personalized Healthcare 

TH017 Was Henderson Dowell's Father of African or European Descent? 

TH028 Meet the DNA Authors 

FR028 DNA and Genealogy: Experts Discuss Latest Developments (Panel)

48th Annual Southern California Genealogy Jamboree
Genetic Genealogy 2017
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