09 February 2017

Jamboree 2017: Friday, June 9 DNA Workshops

DNA testing and analysis are considered two of the most powerful brick wall busting tools in the genealogist's toolbox.

You've got DNA questions. We've got unique, hands-on workshops focused solely on DNA testing that will help you find the answers.

Hint: Register early! Seats are limited.

Early Bird discounts end April 22!

Seating is limited, and admission requires additional registration and workshop fees. These special workshops are open only to registrants of DNA Day and/or to those who are registered for at least one day at Jamboree. Separate registration fees apply.

*Please note that these Friday workshops are scheduled to occur concurrently with JamboFree classes.

Workshops - Friday, June 9, 2017   

8:30 a.m – 12:00 p.m.

FR‐A   I've Tested, but What NOW? 
Presented by Emily D. Aulicino, MA
Understand the results of the three major DNA tests, including the X-chromosome and learn how to prepare your genealogy to share with your matches. Understand how to contact matches and how to get the most from your testing to find those common ancestors. Laptops or tablets will be useful in this workshop. Bring copies of your DNA testing results from 23andMe, Ancestry, and/or Family Tree DNA to the workshop. Limited to 60 participants. Level: Beg., Int. 

FR‐B   Third-Party Tools for Autosomal DNA  
Presented by Blaine T. Bettinger, PhD, JD
A hands‐on workshop that guides attendees step‐by‐step through third‐party tools such as GEDmatch and DNAGedcom. Laptops are very strongly encouraged in this workshop, as Dr. Bettinger will ask you to periodically complete tasks online. You must have an account at GEDmatch and have a raw data file uploaded to GEDmatch. Limited to 45 participants. Level: Int. Specific instructions from Dr. Bettinger for this workshop can be found on the Workshop Requirements page.

FR‐C   Autosomal DNA Chromosome Mapping and Phasing Workshop 
Presented by Tim P. Janzen, MD
This workshop will review ways in which autosomal DNA can be mapped so that DNA segments may be attributed to individual ancestors. Participants will be shown how to begin or continue the process of mapping their DNA. In addition, techniques for phasing their DNA will be demonstrated. Participants must bring laptops to the workshop loaded with Excel or other spreadsheet program. Limited to 35 participants. Level: Adv. Specific instructions from Dr. Janzen for this workshop can be found on the Workshop Requirements page.

FR‐D   Using the Tools at GEDmatch and DNAgedcom to Solve Adoption Issues 
Presented by Kitty Munson Cooper 
Bring your laptop computer and learn how to use these two websites and other tools to find biological parents via DNA. Whether you are adopted or helping an adoptee or looking for an unknown father, these techniques have succeeded and helped many find their birth families. Limited to 35 participants. Level: Beg., Int. Instructions for participants can be found on the Workshop Requirements page.

FR‐E   Getting Your Feet Wet: Genetic Genealogy Case Study Workshop 
Presented by Paul Alan Woodbury
Apply your genetic genealogy skills in this hands-on workshop. Using your own results and a case study, interpret ethnicity admixture, collaborate with genetic cousins, create networks, organize your DNA matches, estimate approximate relationships, and make the most of your test results. Participants must bring a laptop or tablet to the workshop. Limited to 28 participants. Level: Int., Adv. Instructions for participants can be found on the Workshop Requirements page.

For more information on Jamboree 2017 Workshops and the requirements for each session, visit http://www.genealogyjamboree.com/2017/workshops.html.

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