05 June 2016

Kenyatta D. Berry and Genealogy Roadshow at Jamboree

Last night Jamboree attendees and guests enjoyed a special treat at the Saturday night banquet. Kenyatta D. Berry, Esq gave a delightful presentation and shared "Secrets from PBS's Genealogy Roadshow."

Photo Courtesy of
Laurie Freeman
Sharing clips of previous and upcoming broadcasts, Kenyatta thrilled the audience by sharing information on the story selection process, the individual styles and the level of involvement of research personally done by each of the co-hosts on the show. 

Kenyatta charmed the audience with her personal insight into the fields of genealogy and the entertainment industry. Of particular interest to the audience was her commentary on the intersection of reality tv and genealogical proof.

Sharing personal stories and both her research process and personal style on camera, Kenyatta enlightened the audience about the reality of reality television and how hard the researchers behind the scenes and the hosts work to produce.

Thank you, Kenyatta, and thank you PBS and Genealogy Roadshow! 

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