16 May 2016

Jamboree 2016: Buy Audio and Video Recordings from Jamboree - Preorder and $ave!

Conference Resource has been Jamboree's official recording company for the past five years, and they will again be recording many of the sessions at Jamboree. 

Whether you're purchasing one or two sessions as an alternative to cloning so you can attend two sessions at once, or if you are purchasing all of the available videos and/or audio recordings, Conference Resource will do a high-quality recording of class sessions at the Genetic Genealogy 2016 and Jamboree conferences.

Pre-order now and $ave 10%! Pick up your recordings up at Jamboree or have them shipped to you after the conference.

Here's the link:

These recorded sessions will not be available in the SCGS webinar archive. 

**Live - Streamed sessions are not available for purchase from Conference Resource. Please refer to the information on Live Streaming DNA for more information.

You can also purchase recordings from past Jamborees at the discounted price!

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Jamboree 2014
Jamboree 2013
Jamboree 2012
Jamboree 2011

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