19 April 2016

Jamboree 2016: Sunday Workshop - Five Computer Programs to Simplify the Life of a Genealogist

Guest post by L.A. (Butch) Hibben, CLA

Genealogists are always looking for easier, faster, or more efficient ways to get their family history organized, disseminated, easy to locate, etc. And there are a lot of programs you can purchase to help you with these tasks (genealogy, as with any activity, will eat up all the money you feed it). 

Butch Hibben, a technology specialist, is cheap. And he admits it openly and proudly. So he locates the types of programs that are not likely to be discovered by genealogists (because they often aren't marketed to genealogists or aren't noticed by them). 

These are NOT family history programs/apps/websites that he will be sharing; these come from other fields and are found using other descriptors (i.e., if you Google "genealogy," it is very unlikely any of these will pop up in your results, even on page 285 of X-thousand). But when you are introduced to them, you will surely discover that they are just what you need to make it easier to function as a genealogist. This applies to historians of any experience level. The majority are for PCs, not Macs, unfortunately (though at least one website will be introduced and that, of course can be used on either machine). 

Bring your laptop and follow along, applying your computer use to the apps and programs demonstrated, with Butch helping you if you get stuck. And even those who are still trying to get the hang of just using a computer as something more than a glorified typewriter are likely to discover the user-friendly quality of these helps. 

Sunday, June 5, 2016  8:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.
SU-A   Five Computer Programs to Simplify the Life of a Genealogist by L.A. (Butch) Hibben, CLA

This is part of a series of special workshops which are open to registered attendees of Genetic Genealogy or to those registered to at least one day at Jamboree 2016. Additional registration is required.

Laptops are required in this workshop.  Class is for PCs not Macs
Limited to 35 participants. Level: All.

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