31 March 2016

Urgent News Flash - Conference Hotel SOLD OUT

An important update regarding room availability at the Marriott

Take a deep breath...If you’re planning on staying overnight while you attend the Southern California Genealogy Jamboree and Genetic Genealogy 2016 conferences, and you haven’t made your hotel reservations yet, then you might want to stop what you are doing and read through the end of this blog post.

Every year, Jamboree reserves blocks of rooms at the Marriott at both the regular hotel and concierge levels.  We try, as early as January, to advise everyone that both the conference rates and the rooms will book quickly. 

Here’s where we stand at the moment

All Jamboree rooms at the Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel are sold out, for both regular SCGS conference rooms and SCGS concierge rooms Wednesday, June 1 - Sunday, June 5.

This truly is "breaking news" and it caught everyone - including the hotel and the Jamboree committee - off guard. We appreciate your patience and your understanding as we cope with the abundance.

There may be rooms available at a higher rate. Please check with the Marriott if staying at the conference location is of utmost importance to you. If, however, you were waiting....our best advice is to book your second choice hotel now (a suggested list is below) and to keep calling the Marriott and inquiring if there is availability. The number is (818) 843-6000 or toll free at (800) 736-9712. When calling, please mention the group SCGS Conference. They will advise you of the most current room availability and pricing.

Lodging Alternatives

Here is a list of some of the properties near the conference that you can check. Please be advised that many are filling up rapidly due to activities in the area.

Here are some other links you might find helpful when trying to find a hotel. If you have an AAA or AARP membership, or other travel discount card, be sure to have this handy to take advantage of any discounts.


If you are willing to share a room with a fellow genealogist and save money on your own hotel room, please register with our roommate service by emailing jamboree@scgsgenealogy.com. 

Make sure you put Roommate Connection in the subject line. Tell us what type of roommate you are looking for – male/female; early riser or night owl; sleeps with the TV on/zone of silence; snoring is/isn’t a problem – whatever is important to you. Be sure to note any allergies or other considerations.  

*Please note this service does not reserve rooms. It only puts like-minded attendees in touch who might be able to share expenses.

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