22 February 2016

Cousin Connections at Genealogy Jamboree

You might be wondering "What are the odds of finding a cousin in the crowd at a genealogy conference?"

The answer - pretty darn good!

Over the years, Jamboree has been witness to many serendipitous connections.

You just never know...the person sitting next to you or smiling at you as you are walking down the hall just might be relative.

It just proves that at Jamboree, you are among family.
So take the opportunity to say hello. Introduce yourself.
Look at name badges.
There might be a surname or two you recognize from your family tree!

At Jamboree 2015 SCGS Volunteers Janice Noyes Atha and Lynne Parmenter discovered they shared common roots in a Puritan village in Massachusetts.

As Lynne stated, "we may be cousins 12 generations and many "removed" apart, but we found each other! No matter how far apart, it's always thrilling to make that connection, share research and ultimately attach new cousins to your family tree."

Cousin Connections.

They happen year after year at Jamboree.

We can't wait to hear about the cousin connections that will be made this year!

"The Future of the Past: Genetic Genealogy 2016"
Genetic Genealogy - Thursday, June 2, 2016

Southern California Genealogy Jamboree
Friday - Sunday, June 3-5, 2016


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