29 February 2016

Check Your Mailbox - The Postal Mailbox!

In the next few weeks, you may be seeing a Jamboree postcard delivered to your mailbox by your friendly neighborhood mail carrier.

We are rather proud of this years' postcard and had some fun thinking of all the wonderful things it could be used for.  Enjoy.

Top 10 Uses for the Jamboree Postcard
  1. Put on your "bills to pay" pile to remind you to register
  2. Pin it on the bulletin board at your genealogical society, historical society, senior center, library, church, or anywhere else that people can see it
  3. Pass it along to a cousin or genealogy buddy with a not-so-subtle suggestion to plan a weekend of learning and fun together
  4. As a bookmark for those rare non-electronic books
  5. Copy and send it to 7 friends promising genealogical riches if they don't break the chain
  6. Pass it on to the next generation by using it in a mobile above the crib (you're never too young to learn about the joy of family research)
  7. Bring it with you to Jamboree and hunt down the Artist - it'll be a collector's item one day, and you'll be glad you have that autograph!
  8. Use it as a mini-fan when you are out shopping so people will ask you about it
  9. Tape it to your front door so your visitors/pesky solicitors have something to talk about
  10. Tape it to the bathroom mirror to have something pretty to look at (just kidding - you're beautiful, and we know it! Sometimes we have a little too much fun here in Jamboreeland in the wee small hours)
If you'd like a batch of these to put out, please email us at jamboree@scgsgenealogy.com or scgspackandship@gmail.com and tell us HOW Many, by WHEN, and WHERE to send them. If you're in the area, drop on by and pick them up the next time you're at the SCGS Library. We'll have them ready and waiting for you.

To be sure you receive a postcard next year, add your address to our mail list.

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