04 June 2015

Jamboree 2015: Live Stream Huge Success, Jamboree on KTLA Channel 5

What a fabulous kick-off to Jamboree! Thank you to everyone who attended DNA Day, either in person or online.

Hugs and Hugs and Hugs Galore!! The very best part of a genealogy conference is the opportunity to meet face to face with people who share the same passion. Everyone is taking full advantage to speak one-on-one with the best minds in our community. I love seeing the interactions!

DNA, Jamboree and SCGS on KTLA Channel 5

Today's luncheon speaker was Chris Schauble, morning news anchor on KTLA, Channel 5 in Los Angeles. Paula was interviewed by Chris and will be on the news either tonight or, more likely, between 4am and 7am Friday morning! If they put a link to the segment on the KTLA website, I will be sure to let everyone know. It was GREAT to have press coverage. It's hard to get any attention in the Los Angeles media market, unless you happen to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (or a mug shot on file in the LA County Sheriff's office).

UPDATE: I just learned that it aired at about 6:30. I checked the KTLA website and didn't see that the clip had been posted. Will post an update if/when I see something.

Live Streaming

Holy Smoke!! We have had an amazing response to our live streaming for DNA and for the FREE Jamboree sessions coming up.

We have viewers from Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Great Britain / UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, the Philippines, Italy, Canada and the US. I haven't seen a registration list for a couple of days, so we may have added some to this list.

THANK YOU to our viewers and THANK YOU to Ancestry for supporting this program!

If you didn't watch the live stream for DNA Day today, it's not too late. The sessions will be available through July 5. You can purchase all six sessions for $99, or pay for individual sessions for just $20 each, and of course you can still register to see the live sessions. You can watch those through July 5, too. Just register and click to get access to 14 hours of top-notch genealogy education.

SCGS Membership for 
Live Stream Registrant #2015! 

We are offering a prize to the 2015th person to sign up for live streaming.  That membership is worth $35, and with it, the winner will receive the key to over 100 hours of archived webinars.  You'll find links to both the FREE Jamboree sessions as well as the recorded DNA Day sessions here: http://genealogyjamboree.blogspot.com/2015/05/jamboree-2015-unraveling-spaghetti-2.html

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