05 June 2015

Jamboree 2015: Live Stream Audience: 2062 and Counting!

When my ex-husband was aboard a destroyer in Vietnam, we would schedule a time that we would go look at the moon.  No matter where we were, we were sharing that experience. (That scene appeared many years later in the movie A Mouse's Tale, but we thought of it first.). Those of you who are viewing Jamboree from home are having a similar experience.

Last night we announced that the 2015th viewer would win a free membership to SCGS.

Please welcome the newest member of our Society, as of 8:34 PDT:
Rob Wood
ON, Canada
Welcome Rob and thank you for joining our international audience!  We'll be in touch after Jamboree with the detail on your membership.

So, how many viewers will we have by July 5?  Let's make it A LOT!!!


LStifel said...

Thank you SO much for streaming Jamboree sessions and for the 48 pages of handouts. I can't wait to put into action all the wonderful tips I picked up over the Jamboree weekend. Kudos to all of you and Ancestry.com for a terrific experience!

Paula from SCGS said...

Thank you so much for your comment! So glad that we were able to provide this educational opportunity for everyone.