18 June 2012

Return from Anywherebutjamboreekistan

Friends, attendees, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, volunteers, SCGS members (old and new), Board members and hard-working, dedicated and exhausted members of the Jamboree Committee,

We Had a Wonderful Jamboree,
We Couldn't Have Done it Without You!

From the Thursday pre-events right through the closing Grand Prize door prize drawing, the weekend was characterized with the traditional Jamboree buzz or spark or energy or whatever it is that differentiates Jamboree from other national conferences.  We had a fabulous time and we hope you did too.

Jamboree old-timers won't be surprised to learn that each year, I (Paula) go on a self-imposed exile to Anywherebutjamboreekistan for a week or so until I regain my strength, objectivity, perspective and sense of humor. After being the problem resolver throughout the weekend and running on adrenaline and chocolate, I just can't handle feedback (good or bad) or constructive criticism until I am able to handle them with objectivity. This I know from experience.

But now I have returned from exile. I'm ready, physically and emotionally, to review suggestions, criticisms, accolades, and cheers. In a few days, all attendees will have an opportunity to provide formal feedback through an online survey. I hope you will all participate when you get the invitation. Look for an email with JAMBOREE 2012 FEEDBACK SURVEY as the subject line. If you don't receive it by June 23, send an email to jamboree@scgsgenealogy.com and ask that it be resent to you.

Watch for several more blog posts over the next few days to fill you in on all the skinny. There's a lot to celebrate.

Oh, and mark your calendars now.  June 7, 8, and 9, 2013.  Not sure if we're doing a pre-day, but you might as well mark that June 6 off too.

Thank you all again for helping make this a fantastic year!


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