07 June 2012

Jamboree Pre-Day Comes to an End

The warm-up to the Big Event, the Family History Writers Conference and the Tech Trax session, came off without a hitch today.  Deep Breath #1.

I always like a warm-up day like this. It's a bit like a "soft launch" of a website or a blog. It gives a chance to shake out the bugs before it all breaks loose (e.g. noon Friday).  We resolved a couple of questions and avoided a couple of ... oh what should I call them ... uh ... challenges. Yes, let's use that word.

The rest of the weekend shapes up to be an outstanding event, and if you haven't thought about coming to the Marriott, please do think about it.

The exhibit hall is free and open to the public for the entire weekend. (Please note that parking will be $10.)  We have not yet closed off registration to walk-ins and will welcome you once walk-in registration opens at noon.

For those of you who have registered in advance, you will be able to pick up your registration materials beginning at 8am Friday and Saturday mornings. The pick-up area is outside in the area between the hotel and the Convention Center. You'll get a registration bag compliments of Geni.com, a name badge pocket compliments of RootsMagic, some trinkets and reading matter, the CD syllabus, and tickets to any special events.

We'll see you at Jamboree!!

(and don't forget your tiara. Such a display of faux wealth already! The Royal Family has nothing over on these sparkles.)

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