29 June 2012

Jamboree Photo Contest Winners

As we mentioned in this blog in early April, 1000memories.com sponsored a photo contest for Jamboree. Photos were submitted for three categories:
  • Pre-1900 Ancestor Photo
  • Most Humorous Ancestor Photo
  • Best-Dressed Ancestor Photo
 The winner in each category wins $220 worth of professional scanning provided by 1000memories and their business partner ScanCafe.
A total of 40 people participated in the event, including those who submitted and voted on 102 photos, which will be saved indefinitely in the Internet Archive. All photos can be viewed here.

The winning photos are shown below. It's easy to see why they are winners! Comments are as provided by the photo owner

Pre-1900 Ancestor Photo, submitted by Connie Wills. "Taken in 1862 in Strasbourg area, Alsace, France, before Dec. 1842 with The Bieth Family. Margaretha Bieth, standing behind her parents and brother and sister, was my great-great grandmother just before her marriage. This is a copy; the original was a Daguerrotype, a process which had just gone public in 1839."
Most Humorous Ancestor Photo was submitted by DeeDee, "Taken in the 1920s in Venice Beach with My Great Aunts Katherine, Jean, and Lillian. The 3 girls my great-aunts, are barely balancing on the pillar, they told the family that you can see that there were "sharks" in the water around them."

Best-Dressed Ancestor Photo, submitted by Katherine Zollman. "Taken in 1893 in Mt. Pulaski, Illinois with Franklin Benjamin Snyder."

Thanks to 1000memories for sponsoring this fun activity and for the contributors for submitting their family photos!

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