09 May 2012

LAST CALL for Printed Jamboree Syllabus Orders

We just sent the Jamboree syllabus to Tom Underhill at Creative Continuum, who is printing the syllabus for us again this year. The speakers submitted informative, valuable material; and Dave Obee did a wonderful job of editing. It's a valuable resource.

As a reminder, only those Jamboree attendees who registered for the full three day weekend during the early-bird period (before April 30) will receive a print copy of the syllabus. Everyone will receive a copy on CD.

If you would like to order a print copy of the syllabus, we will take orders through May 16. Limited copies of the print version may be available for purchase at Jamboree.

Order your syllabus at http://www.scgsgenealogy.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=45. Both CD and print versions are available. Copies of prior syllabi may also be purchased online.

If you are unable to pick up your syllabus in person at Jamboree, it will be mailed out by the end of June. Shipping charges will apply.

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