23 April 2012

Jamboree: Exhibit Hall Free and Open to the Public in 2012

Jamboree's Exhibit Hall is one of the favorite destinations for our attendees. Whether you're looking for software, or books, or you want to purchase a subscription or membership, you'll find the help you need in the Exhibit Hall.

This year, the exhibit hall will be open to the public at no charge throughout the weekend.  Anyone wishing to stay only in the Exhibit area, and not attend classes or any other Jamboree activity, can c'mon in and pay no registration fee.

"We expect that this will be a real benefit to our SCGS members and others who want to volunteer, but are not interested in attending classes," said Leo Myers, Jamboree chair. "This is an experiment for us, to be sure, and if it works out, we'll repeat it in the future."

To help room monitors easily identify the Jamboree guests who are authorized to attend classes, all  attendees will receive vinyl identification bracelets that will be worn throughout the weekend. We appreciate the cooperation of everyone as we try this experiment.

To volunteer to work at Jamboree, even for an hour or two, fill out the volunteer application at http://2012JamboreeVolunteers.surveyconsole.com. That will help our volunteer coordinator, Jane Van Tour, find the spot that best suits you.

By the way, if your spouse or other family member is accompanying you to Jamboree, even though they are not particularly interested in family history, they are welcome to pitch in and help out too.

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