17 April 2012

Free Webinar April 25 - "Saving Cherished Memorabilia: Preservation Tips For Family Historians"

We are passing this information along for the benefit of our members and friends. Please note that this webinar is not sponsored by the Southern California Genealogical Society

3:00 til 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time
12:00 noon til 1:00 p.m. Pacific Time

"Saving Cherished Memorabilia: 
Preservation Tips For Family Historians"

Learn from Library of Congress preservation staff how to store your photographs and documents, what archival supplies to purchase, and more. This webinar is free in honor of Preservation Week and is co-sponsored by The Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania, Library of Congress Genealogy and Local History Reading Room, and the LOC Preservation Team.

Email Mark Wilson at mwilson@loc.gov  

Spaces are limited and will be filled in the order in which requests are received

About the Webinar:

Join the Library of Congress Preservation Directorate and Local History & Genealogy Reading Room staff for a webinar on tips and recommendations for preserving family memorabilia.

This one-hour webinar will offer participants practical advice on caring for personal documents, books, digital materials, and other family keepsakes. Topics covered will include how to safely handle and store memorabilia to prevent the most commons types of damage and deterioration, what to look for when purchasing preservation-quality storage supplies, and what to do when items are damaged.

In addition, staff from the Library's Local History & Genealogy Reading Room will provide an introduction to using the collections, one of the most extensive public resources for researching ancestry, African-American history, immigration, U.S. military history, and many other related topics. Participants will have the opportunity to submit questions through the webinar chat platform.

This webinar is one of a number of activities sponsored by the Library of Congress in celebration of

Preservation Week: Pass It On
April 22-28, 2012

to share preservation strategies that help people care for their personal materials and thereby pass them on-and is offered in conjunction with the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania. http://www.genpa.org

Speakers: Jeanne Drewes, Chief, Binding and Collections Care Division, Library of Congress Lindsey Hobbs, Technician, Collections Care Section, Library of Congress Ahmed Johnson, Reference Specialist, Local History & Genealogy Reading Room, Library of Congress.

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