08 June 2011

Thank You for Your Financial Support

Dear Genealogy Friends,

As you may have heard, SCGS will have streaming video sessions on Saturday from Jamboree. The programs are offered free of charge to the genealogical community, but we have (gently) requested donations to help support SCGS's technological efforts. We didn't know how it would work out, but here's a preliminary report.

PayPal donations are coming in faster than they ever have.  For that, we are very grateful and thanks to those of you who have already contributed.

If you are interested in supporting our various webinars, free streaming videos and other initiatives, please consider donating through PayPal or through the SCGS shopping cart. If you use the shopping cart, the minimum donation is $10. If you would like to donate more than $10, just change the quantity. (For example, if you want to donate $50, just change the quantity from "1" to "5").

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