07 June 2011

Jamboree "Mom, She's Touching Me"

Every year, our post-Jamboree survey includes comments about the chairs at the Marriott.  The general theme of the comments is that people of a certain size don't exactly fit on the conference chairs and "She / He is touching me."

We all want to have personal space to be comfortable. We want to be able to set our purses, briefcases, computers, syllabus, and other belongings in the chair beside us. 

The unfortunate truth is that we just don't have extra seats at the Marriott.  Here are some facts about seating and chairs at Jamboree.
  • The chairs are hooked together due to Fire Department regulations. We can't unhook the chairs.
  • The room capacity is determined by Fire Department regulations. We can't move chairs from one room to another.
  • Seating is at a premium and we are asking your cooperation. Fill all of the chairs. People will not be allowed to sit/stand in the back of the room due to Fire Department regulations. Please do not deny your fellow genealogists an opportunity to learn just so you have "space" around you.
  • "Saved" seats will be released 5 minutes before the start of the session. 
Just a note that the Fire Marshal will be at the Marriott all weekend.

Please be kind to all of your fellow Jamboree attendees. She might be fluffy, true. But maybe, just maybe, she is a cousin with a paper jackhammer to break down your own brick wall.

Thank you for your cooperation and your kindness toward other participants.

It's all about safety. Your safety.

Thank you for your support.

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