31 May 2010

Help SCGS by Shopping and Swiping at Ralphs

As I was leaving Ralphs the other day, I noticed that they were asking customers to upgrade their Ralphs Rewards cards. That reminded me that I had registered my card so that a percentage of my shopping would be donated to SCGS.  I looked at the bottom of my receipt and saw the familiar "SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA GENEALOGICAL" (see photo) as confirmation that I had correctly registered.

The amount donated to SCGS is based on the total amount of a customer's quarterly spending as shown below.

1% - Up to $200                              
2% - Between $200.01 and $350 
3% - Between $350.01 and $500  
4% - Over $500                                

Ralphs contributes a maximum of $750,000 quarterly to be distributed among all participating eligible organizations. This is a valuable source of funding to aid SCGS in meeting its financial commitments. Per Ralphs, periodic re-registration is required so make sure to check the bottom of your receipt each time your shop.

Help SCGS earn the maximum donation per quarter by registering your card on-line (detailed instructions).

Go to www.ralphs.com and log into your account
Click "My Account"
Verify the Ralphs Rewards Card Information is correct
Edi your Community Rewards Information by typing "SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA GENEALOGICAL" into the search box.

(NOTE: may take 72 hours to reflect registration)

You can also stop by the Tech Zone at Jamboree to register.

Thanks to Heidi Ziegler for this post

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