27 July 2009

2009 Jamboree Session CDs Available

JAMB-Inc. audiorecorded nearly 80 percent of the sessions that were conducted at the Southern California Genealogy Jamboree in June 2009. The CDs are now available for purchase from the JAMB website.

The cost is $12 per CD, or $11 each with the purchase of 10 or more CDs. You'll need to know the session number to place your order.

CDs are available for the following sessions:

Friday, June 26
FR-C Introduction to Genealogy: Getting Started the Right Way
FR-D Introduction to Genealogy: Advanced Beginners
FR-02 Adams: What’s New on Ancestry.com
FR-04 Broglin: Hot off the Press
FR-05 Nauta: FamilySearch Records Access and Digital Historical Books
FR-06 Dollarhide: Scots-Irish to Backwoods America, 1717-1775
FR-07 DearMYRTLE: Finding Digital Items in the Family History Catalog
FR-08 Eakle: Is your Genealogy Already Compiled?
FR-09 Leclerc: NEHGS Resources for British Research
FR-10 Malesky: Writing Your Research Plan
FR-11 Trindle: Online Resources for California Research
FR-12 Elliott: Buried Treasure: Lost in Print
FR-13 Rencher: FamilySearch Indexing Project Update
FR-14 Burroughs: The Nature of Genealogy
FR-15 Johnson: Constructing the Lives of Our Ancestors in 19th Century England
FR-16 Rencher: Irish Census and Census Substitutes
FR-17 Buzbee: RootsMagic 4: Family History Has Never Been This Easy
FR-19 Elliott: War with Britain: The Second American Independence in 1812
FR-20 Meitzler: Finding Your Family in American Newspapers and Periodicals
FR-21 Fechter: Ancestry.com and You, Saving the Records of the World
FR-22 Ericson: Family History Library Catalog 2.0
FR-24 Greenspan: DNA for Females, Adoptees, and Strong Lineage Connections

Saturday, June 27
SA-01 Wait: The Mission of Genealogy: Connecting Individuals with their Family’s History
SA-02 Alzo: Write your Family History Step by Step
SA-05 Eakle: Finding Lost Records and Sources Outside the Library
SA-07 Buzbee: RootsMagic 4
SA-08 Trindle: Scottish Records
SA-09 Panel Discussion: Summit 2: Son of Blogger
SA-10 Hovorka: Where to Start When You Have Inherited Genealogy
SA-12 Greenspan: Do You Want a DNA Test, or Do You Want a DNA Test for Genealogy?
SA-14 O’Donnell: The Irish Family History Foundation Database
SA-15 Proctor: Archiving Your Family Treasurers with Light Impressions
SA-16 Burroughs: The Six Phases of African American Genealogy
SA-17 Rencher: What’s New at FamilySearch
SA-19 Miller: Alien Registration Records
SA-21 Danko: Genealogy and the Changing Map of Eastern Europe
SA-22 Alzo: Murder, Mayhem and Town Tragedy
SA-23 Hibben: Clue to Clue: Tracking a Family over Time and Miles
SA-24 DearMYRTLE: The Winter of our Discontent: Three Months to Better Organization
SA-25 Meitzler: Electronic Document Preservation
SA-28 Morgan: Before and After 1858: English and Welsh Wills and Death Records
SA-29 Underhill: The iPod and the Genealogist
SA-30 DearMYRTLE: Seven Habits of Highly Effective Genealogists
SA-31 Dollarhide: The Best Digital Documents Sites on the Internet
SA-32 O’Donnell: 1922 Four Courts Fire: Not Everything Blew Up
SA-33 Buzbee: RootsMagic 4: Family History has Never Been this Easy
SA-34 Broglin: The Proof is in the Pudding
SA-35 Mello: DNA Mishmash
SA-36 Morgan: Locating Anglican Parish Records
SA-37 Child: Researching New York
SA-42 Rencher: Humor among those Journal Pages

Sunday, June 28
SU-A The Art of Mourning - A Victorian Obsession
SU-02 Meitzler: The Lay of the Land Using Directories, Maps and Gazetteers
SU-03 Child, Leclerc: Western Massachusetts Families in the 1790 Census
SU-04 Hibben: Deduction vs. Induction in Genealogical Research: Applying Logic Theory to Family History
SU-07 Morgan: Locating and Ordering English BMDs
SU-08 Fechter: Using the Ancestry and RootsWeb Community to Enhance Your Research
SU-09 Rencher: Methodology for Irish Immigration and Emigration
SU-10 Malesky: The Irish and the Scots Irish
SU-12 Burroughs: Adding DNA to Genealogy
SU-13 Eakle: Tracing Ancestors who Lived in Cities
SU-15 Pfister: Getting the Most out of Family Tree Maker
SU-16 Buzbee: RootsMagic 4
SU-17 Mountain: Beyond Y and Mitochondrial DNA: Genealogical Information from the
Rest of Your DNA
SU-18 Ericson: Innovative Tools to Connect Families
SU-19 Cooke: Google: A Goldmine of Genealogy Gems Part I
SU-20 Hovorka: Using Genealogy Charts to Further your Research
SU-21 Underhill: Ten Things to do with your Digital Camera
SU-22 O’Donnell: Irish Surnames – How You Could Miss Your Ancestors Due to Spelling
SU-23 Danko: A New Look at Immigrant Passenger Manifests
SU-24 Wishon: Expecting the Unexpected: Tracing English Ancestors Using Less Used Resources and Methods
SU-26 Cooke: Google: A Goldmine of Genealogy Gems Part II
SU-27 Adams: Searching for Italian Ancestors
SU-28 Fisher: Finding Hidden Treasurers at the USGenWeb Project
SU-29 Alzo: Demystifying Eastern European Research
SU-30 Broglin: Understanding the Probate Process
SU-31 Watson: Internet Research: Joys and Pitfalls
SU-32 Morgan: Genealogical CSI
SU-33 Dollarhide: The Cavaliers of Southwest England to Virginia and Maryland, 1641-1675
SU-34 Miller: Would the Real Molly Brown Please Stand Up?

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