03 July 2009

The Jamboree Committee - Dysfunctional Family Art

Many thanks to Julene Day who drew the Jamboree Committee members in ways that none of us have ever quite experienced before. Be sure to click on the photo so you can see all of the detail.

You can find more of Julene's wonderful artwork on her blog at http://www.dysfunctionalart.blogspot.com/

The Jamboree Committee and key onsite staff consisted of:

- Leo Myers
- Paula Hinkel
Program Chair
- Charlotte Bocage
- Louise Calaway
- Peggy Schulz
Tech Zone
- Jay Holladay
- Dick Emerson
- Linda Mustion
Door Prizes
- Jim and Pat Fryman
Lecture Rooms and Traffic
- Alice Avila
SCGS Volunteers
- Marva Grove
- Linda Golovko
Student Volunteers
- Joyce Roberson
Sales Table
- Vieve Metcalfe
- Jan Jennings
Small World
- Lin LaRochelle
Friday Entertainment
- Terry McVeigh
- Vicki Hilb (Arizona)
- Margaret Rutledge (Orange County)
- Donna Lapera
Kids' Family History Camp
- Michael Melendez

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