05 March 2008

LA Fast Food Tour: The Original Tommy's World Famous Hamburgers

The second stop on our Fast Food Tour is the Original Tommy's World Famous Hamburgers, which originated in a small walk-up stand at the corner of Beverly and Rampart in 1946. As more and more hungry customers found their way to the little shack, Tommy first expanded the Original Stand, and then he opened more locations. There are 29 locations, with the Burbank location just five minutes by car from the Marriott.

Tommy's claim to fame is its chili-slathered hamburger and cheeseburger (single-, double- and triple-burger versions), chili cheese fries, regular fries, tamales, hot dogs and chilidogs. It's a classic fast food menu made with fresh, tasty garnishes--and chili.

What are chili cheese fries? According to Wikipedia, "Simply an order of french fries with two ladles of chili over them. The chili cheese fries will have a slice of cheese placed between the doses of chili, to aid in melting." Yum. Pass the paper towels, please.

The first time I visited the Original Tommy's was about midnight. Even at that late hour, there were several people in line making a "Tommy's Run."

Some reviews of Tommy's Original World Famous Hamburgers are found at yelp.com.

If you want to visit the Original Tommy's original location, here are directions from the Marriott: Mapquest Marriott to Beverly Blvd. and Rampart Blvd.

Directions to the Burbank Tommy's are found here: Mapquest Marriott to Burbank Original Tommy's

Thanks to Wikipedia for photos and content.

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