16 February 2008

LA Fast Food Tour: The Hot Dog Stand with a Parking Attendant

Los Angeles is known for its trendy restaurants with health-conscious menus. But that doesn't mean that we don't enjoy our junk food too. In the weeks leading up to Jamboree, we'll take a look at some of the Jamboree Committee's favorite eateries and hope that you'll try them for yourself during your trip to Jamboree.

Our first stop on the Los Angeles Junk Food Tour is Pink's. Quoting from their website:

Pink's is probably the most famous hot dog stand in the country... certainly in Los Angeles! Located near the corner of Melrose and La Brea, Pink's can be found by looking for a crowd of people and following the aroma of fresh meaty chili and soft hot dog buns.

Pink's is unlike any other hot dog stand in America. For example, it has its own parking lot attendant (parking is free). It has been in the same location for 65 years. It is not unusual to see a Rolls Royce pull up to Pink's (the chili dog ordered will be for the occupant, not the chauffeur!). Movie stars, well-known dignitaries, struggling musicians, businessmen, housewives, school children... all have savored Pink's Famous Chili Dogs.

The menu is a tribute to creative writing as well as creativity in the kitchen. There's usually line of hungry customers waiting to watch the hot dog being built right before your eyes. Top it off with a bottle of YooHoo or Orange Crush soda.

Pink's is a little bit of a drive from the Burbank Marriott. It will take about a half hour (not during rush hour!) to get to get there. Here are Mapquest directions from the Burbank Marriott to Pink's.

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Ellen said...

Hi Paula
I loved your fast food tour and would like you to write an article for a book we're doing. Can you tell me how to get in touch with you? Thanks!