23 December 2020

We Aim To Please - A Jamboree Surprise!


 Your Jamboree Book

The Stars in Your Family

In June of 2019, we informed you Jamboree would need to evolve into a more sustainable model. That was before COVID, which created an even larger challenge. To honor our commitment to evolve into a fresh new look with new opportunities, Jamboree 2021 will be virtual and offer a book created by all of you!

Calling all authors!

The Stars in Your Family Book will have a maximum of 200 pages with black and white internal printing. Authors will be limited to 600 words (2 pages) with a minimum of 100 authors slots available. This book will be sold on Amazon 

Write a biography of one or two Stars in Your Family
  • Submitters do not need to be members of the Southern California Genealogical Society or registered to attend either the Genetic Genealogy or the Jamboree conferences. 
  • The document must be in MS Word. 
  • The maximum word count is 600 words for each submission. The title should be the subject’s name. If the subject is deceased, be sure to include the subject’s birth and death date. 
  • A photograph or drawing of the biography’s subject may also be submitted. Be sure to title it with the subject’s name. 
  • The editor has the right to edit the document for fit and clarity. 
  • The articles included in the book will be on a first-come, first-served basis. 
  • Submission of articles will be to starsinyourfamily@scgsgenealogy.com. 
  • Submissions are accepted from February 1, 2021, through March 15, 2021

But It Gets Even Better
We created a Webinar to Help You!

Writing About The Stars in Your Family With Ease 

ABOUT THE PRESENTATION Discover a simplified method to write brief but inviting features about your ancestors. Honor them with words so others can know who the stars are on your family tree. Then submit your story for "The Stars in Your Family" book.

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