25 June 2020

Regional Research With Southern California 1890 Project

Are You Researching
 Los Angeles? 

The 1890 Project® is a must! 

The history of Los Angeles is tightly tied to oil in the late 1800s. Arthur Fremont Gilmore is responsible for commencing the city's production.  He purchased land that was once a dairy farm and converted use to oil production.
This land is now the home of The Original Farmers Market, The Grove, and CBS Studios.

The family is a mainstay in local history; they also introduced car racing and professional baseball to this burgeoning city.[1]

Researching Los Angeles and its inhabitants is easy now using the Southern California 1890 project®.

There are 75 search results for the Gilmore Family. They include voter registries, city censuses, and other records to include hotels, deaths, jails, births, baptisms, properties, churches, schools, and Saloon permits. 

This is a great research tool!
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Some Gilmore Results

    1. The Original Farmers Market, History (https://farmersmarketla.com/history : accessed 20 June 2020).
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