20 May 2019

Jamboree 2019 Pre- Registration Closure Notice!

 2019 Jamboree Pre-registration 
Discount Pricing

Ends on May 22 -
This Wednesday! 

Registration for the Conferences will stay open but, prices will increase to Walk-in rates.
Also ending are the advanced purchase of meals, workshops, and syllabi. You can always try for tickets and print syllabus at the Registration Kiosk, but why take the chance?

Order Now for the BEST Deal!

Conferences (single event, member rates)

Jamboree  Now $155; Walk-in $195     
Genetic Genealogy  Now $150; Walk-in $190    

Syllabi – All syllabi purchased at the conference are “while supplies last.”  Order now for guaranteed availability.

Jamboree  $35
Genetic Genealogy  $20
Additional Flash Drives  $15

Hurry! Discounts end on May 22 at 11:59 p.m.

**Remember, many separate-fee events, such as workshops and meals, will not be available at Walk-In Registration.

Register Here!

Southern California Genealogical Society 
50th Annual Southern California Genealogy Jamboree 
#SCGS2019@scgsgenealogy, #SCGSJamboree50, 
#SCGSJamboree2019, #SCGSJamboreeBirthdayBash

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