02 April 2015

Jamboree - Blogger Badge Contest Update "I AM SO THERE!"

Have you Badged yet?  

When you post our badge onto your blog, Facebook page, Twitter feed, LinkedIn, or whatever platform is your flavor of choice, you'll have the chance to win a free registration to Jamboree for either you or one your readers (your choice). The contest ends April 25th, so there is still plenty of time to participate.

Exhibitors, Speakers, and Sponsors - you can participate too! To find your badge, visit this post, download your own snazzy badge and post it onto your social media platform.

There's just one catch: we need to know you've posted the badge to enter you into the contest and to list you on the official Jamboree Honorary Blog Roll. Don't forget to drop us a line at socialmedia@scgsgenealogy.com with your URL to let us know you're participating.

So hop on the badge bandwagon with your fellow social media buddies and tell everyone you'll be at Jamboree in June.  You could win!

Honorary Blog Roll

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