20 March 2015

Watch Your Mailbox - The Real-Life Mailbox

In the next few days, if you live in the US, you may be seeing a Jamboree post card delivered to your door by your friendly neighborhood mail carrier. It's bright red; you can't miss it!!

It has so many uses:

1. Put on your "bills to pay" pile to remind you to register.
2. Pin it on the bulletin board at your genealogical society, historical society, senior center, library, church, or anywhere else that people can see it.
3. Set it on the floor so your cat has a fun new thing to sit on. But keep it out of foot traffic because we don't want you to fall.

If you'd like a batch of these to put out, please email us at jamboree@scgsgenealogy and tell us HOW Many, by WHEN, and WHERE to send them. Or, pick them up the next time you're at the SCGS Library.

To be sure you receive a post card next year, add your address to our mail list.

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