21 October 2014

[CA-SCGS] Webinar Archive Update - Jamboree Sessions Now Online!

We have been promising for a while that we would be posting the Jamboree streamed sessions in the Webinar Archive of the SCGS website. While our web manager, Mary Lindsey, is still uploading the sessions from 2013, we wanted to let you know that more than 20 new sessions are now available for viewing. The remaining sessions will be uploaded soon.

Here is a link to the complete list of available presentations (webinar and streamed Jamboree video) in the archive. To view a session, just log in to the SCGS Member area and click to view the inventory, listed in alphabetic order by speaker.

D. Joshua Taylor - Resources of the DAR
Dawn Thurston - Write Your Personal History
Dr. Maurice Gleeson - Ireland and the Slave Trade
Judy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGL - The Ethical Genealogist
Craig Scott, CG, FUGA - Basic Military Research
Cyndi Ingle: The Internet - A Genealogist's Printing Press
Maurice Gleeson: Researching Your Irish Ancestry Online
Bennett Greenspan: The Future of Genetic Genealogy
Michael Leclerc: Researching Your New England Ancestors
Judy G. Russell, PhD, CG, CGL: Staying Out of Trouble
Warren Bittner, CG: Elusive Immigrant: The Search for Dora Luhr
Warren Bittner, CG: Proof Arguments: How and Why
Paula Stuart-Warren, CG: Manuscript Finding Aids - Locating Migrating Family
Blaine Bettinger, JD: DNA and the Genealogical Proof Standard
Judy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGL: Dowered or Bound Out: Widows and Orphans
Laura Prescott: Diaries and Journals - Finding Valuable Resources
Curt Witcher, MA, FUGA, FIGS: Historical Research Methodology
Warren Bittner, CG: Complex Evidence
D. Joshua Taylor:  Printed Legends, Missing Footnotes
Steven Luxenberg: Genealogy from the Inside Out
Lisa Louise Cooke: Projects that Captivate 

Happy Viewing!!!

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