09 June 2014

Jamboree - UPDATED Update on Free Live Streamed Sessions


The pay-per-view sessions from Thursday's Family History and DNA conference will also be available for viewing through July 5. If you didn't register for the live feed, you can still pay to see one, two or all of the presentations.  Your original password should work, but if you have trouble, email jamboree@scgsgenealogy.com


Thursday DNA - requires payment
- $30 for individual session
- $130 for all five sessions
- Available only until July 5
- Will not be available in the SCGS Webinar Archive


The free live-streamed Jamboree sessions from Saturday and Sunday are available online, can be viewed by anyone interested in watching them, and do not need a password. Saturday and Sunday's sessions will be available through July 5. In late summer, most of them will be available in the SCGS members' section of the website in the webinar and video archive.

- Saturday and Sunday sessions (total of 10 sessions)
- No payment required (but donations gratefully accepted)
- Available until July 5
- Most will be available in the SCGS Webinar Archive in late summery


The 4 Friday sessions will be available on the SCGS website within the next couple of months, depending on the time it takes to do the geeky video magic. We will let you know when they can be viewed. (There is a long explanation why they aren't available immediately, but let's chalk it up to technical reasons.)

Just by way of explanation --

We had a bumpy start on Thursday because of challenges with the hotel's Internet service, which was resolved for Friday.

Friday was a silly miscommunication on my part with the form of the password. (You remember that upper case / lower case confusion? Well I had asked the videographer to make them lower case, and then I efficiently sent the email off to ... myself.) Will put that in the "do not do that again" file.

Some of the viewers reported hearing multiple (up to 5) streams of the talk. That happened because those viewers clicked the link multiple (up to 5) times and opened multiple (up to 5) different browsers or pages. So be patient and let the page load and you won't have that problem. If you hear more than one voice, look for an open window and close it.

Oh, and I should mention the SCGS Members Webinar / Video Archive. Almost all of the free streamed sessions will be available for on-demand viewing on the members-only section of the SCGS website. Give our IT team a while to do the geeky magic stuff and I'll drop a note when they are available. The Webinar archive holds over 100 hours of genealogical instruction, and we add sessions every month. It's only one of the benefits of membership in SCGS, and a real deal for only $35 a year.

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